In Sunday Express article on17th January 2016 Kimoy Leon Sing describes him as “the one-man theater company”. Rodell Richard Isaiah Cumberbatch (born November 28th 1988) is a multitalented entertainer and artist from Trinidad and Tobago. To the rest of the world he is popularly known as lovable laughable and larger than life “Ro’dey”. Ro’dey made a big splash on the local comedy scene with his much talked about hilarious sketches posted on social media via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With his rise to fame he joined the 96.1 WEFM Team and is a co-host on the very popular morning show “The

Breakfast Party”. Ro’dey is the creator and performer of his daily monologues with the popular catchphrase “Why doin it?” and main characters Fleeky, Wettty and Cassandra aka Pinky, Ahritedey, Ms Janice and James. He entertains over two hundred thousand of his fans both foreign and local with his witty use of light-hearted satire to touch on relationship and other everyday issues. As the only boy in a female-dominated family, he remembers at a young age being the funnyman of the household, and impersonating relatives at family gatherings. These experiences went on to influence his current style and genre of comedy. His characters are an exaggeration of family, friends and people with whom he interacted with during his life. He believes all his characters have a story which transforms into a serious message. A Diego Martin native, he attended Fatima College where he first dabbled in entertainment by entering and winning school calypso competitions. Whilst employed at TSTT he fought off his competitors and won several titles including ‘Best New Artiste’ and ‘Most Humorous Calypso’, all on his debut into the company’s popular calypso competition. Rodell is a member of Rhapsody Next Generation, the first band to convert from conventional steelpan to a mix of traditional and electronic instruments to create a unique fusion of soca music. His most

notable performance was at the 2015 Tobago Jazz festival. Having a diverse and natural creative ability, Ro’dey is definitely

regarded as one to watch. He is one of the most eagerly anticipated young entertainer in Trinidad and Tobago and as an upcoming performer on the circuit Ro’dey is also proving to be a popular host and master of ceremonies. He moved quickly from Internet sensation to co-hosting two of the most popular and biggest shows of the Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2016 season Machel Monday and Ladies Night Out. He had the esteemed privilege to co-host alongside You Tube sensation and comedian Super Woman and also had the honor of introducing the Monk himself Machel Mantano. Ro’dey is the CEO of his own production company, Blu Moon Productions. This has enabled him to hone his skills in photography and videography. In 2012 he was one of the youngest entrants in the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, directing and producing a short film, a thriller entitled ‘The Return of Lady La Diablese’, which was featured and viewed by audiences in Movie Towne Port of Spain. His videography work includes production of music videos for soca and reggae artistes, a documentary commissioned by the Grenadian Tourism Board entitled ‘Spice Mas’, and most recently a music video for his own humorous calypso entitled ‘Pigtail’.

Ro’dey’s ability to connect with his multi-demographic audience has made him an overnight Instagram and Facebook sensation since starting his sketches on the 1st January 2015. His quick wit and charm being the main appeal to his fans. He has already collaborated of several projects and events with companies and schools such as FLOW, BLINK/Bmobile, Movie Towne, Samsung, HADCO, Trinidad and Tobago Football Association(TTFA), Ministry of Finance, Min of Sports and Youth Affairs, THA, TECU Credit Union, Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism(TTHTI), Tourism Development Company (TDC), UWI, Signal Hill Secondary, QRC, and Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA) to name a few. Ro’dey continues to spread his comedic and entertainment wings by premiering in his first theatre production The Ridiculous 6 1/2 and reaching the Semi Finals of the International Soca Monarch competition. He believes comedy is the most beautifully awkward way of telling the

truth. Although he still considers himself a student of comedy he lives by the mantra “A man that knows he knows nothing can learn everything.”

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Main Characters


 William Wettty Prince

 Fleeky

 Casandra Aka Pinky

 Ms Janice

 Trevor

 Ahritedey

 James

 Jessica

 Albert

 Rasta Empress

 Dogman

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