Neval Chatelal is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most versatile vocalists. His skill allows him to command various styles of music, even combining them in an eclectic way.

A winner of Mastana Bahar (2006), Digicel Rising Stars (2010) and the Tenor Solo category at the 30th Biennial Music Festival (2012), Neval has proven his rare ability. In an extraordinary and historic move by the producers of Digicel Rising Stars, he became the first winner to sit on the esteemed panel of Judges (2015 – Present).

Neval has sung for royalty, heads of state, live ballets, collaborated and toured with the finest Trinbagonian Artistes, represented his country internationally and opened for world renowned acts.

Designated ‘National Patriotism Champion’ by the Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration (2013), Neval continues to share his talents in support of worthy causes through partnerships with various charities and organizations.

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