For 2017 carnival Hans hosted TV6’s Promenade Countdown, the international television broadcasts for Machel Monday and the International Soca Monarch, as well as many events and fetes, however there is much more to the story of Hans Des Vignes.

Born on May 25th 1985 in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago Hans Des Vignes’ journey as a media personality started at age sixteen when he joined a D.J entity called “The Militant Crew.”  The group grew from strength to strength and within one year of existence landed a spot on the now defunct 98.9 Yes FM, shortly after this the group was dismantled due to other members of the group forming a television production company called Militainment Limited. Whilst the group was disbanded Hans still had a passion and drive for media and continued to work on the radio station as an on-air personality, up to when the station was shut down in 2004.

He then began working as a production assistant in E-Zone Entertainment where he gained a vast amount of television production and hosting skills. 

While working at E-Zone he was given an opportunity to host Party Flava Talent Face Off 2006 which aired on Synergy TV.  After Party Flava had come to an end, Synergy TV then offered him a job to host “De Scene Top 10 video countdown “and O’Brian Haynes also offered him a spot on Boom Champions 94.1FM. At that stage in his life Hans was extremely busy from working on air, on television and also working at E-Zone entertainment.

Due to his eye for seeing productions through and ability to create more than most when it came down to television shows, Synergy TV hired him as a full-time producer.

Hans then left E-zone and became a full time producer and host at Synergy TV, while at Synergy TV he produced Synergy TV Super Model, Synergy Soca Star, De Scene and other programs.

Eventually it was time for Hans to pursue his own goals, in 2009 he joined forces with one of his former managers at Synergy TV and founded “ Hand to Hand Productions. Since then he has hosted many awards shows, concerts, television programs and continues to hold his spot as one of the premier radio broadcasters in Trinidad and Tobago. From hosting awards shows, radio shows, concerts, Ms Trinidad and Tobago Universe, to D.Jing at parties , to producing television shows and everything else in between. He is Hans Des Vignes a true media personality.

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