1) Who is Cali G?

 Cali’s formal name is Calika Grayson.

 She is a young, upcoming recording artiste who has been described as an upcoming breakthrough Soca artiste in the United States and in her home of Trinidad and Tobago.

2) What is Cali’s vision for herself as a performer and for Soca music?

 Cali sees herself as the first female artiste who can represent the Soca Artform across the borders of Trinidad and Tobago and the United States, given that both places are her home.

 She envisions herself to be the best female vocalist in an upcoming generation of Soca artistes who are emerging to take Soca into future generations.

 Cali envisions Soca music as an international genre that can be shaped to identify with and fused into cultures across the world, similarly to the Trinidadian Steelpan and the Jamaican reggae music.

3) What is Cali G’s personal background?

 Cali was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and grew up in Arima. She is the daughter of legendary Deejay Kevin Grayson, better known as ‘DJ Kabuki’, and national scholarship recipient Ann Marie George.

 She attended the Arima West Government Primary School and the Bishop’s Anstey High School East,

 Before migrating to New York City in the United States Cali studied Drama & Theater in Education at the University of The West Indies.

4) What is Cali G’s musical foundation?

 Cali grew up in a musical household, and has been singing since the age of ten.

 She was also a dancer with the Malick Folk Performers, having performed with them in the same year they won the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition.

 Cali is also a Calypsonian with the Divas Calypso Cabaret, an all-female calypso tent.

 She is proficient in playing the Steelpan; national instrument, and has tutored younger children in playing the pan at her church during summer camp.

 Cali’s musical inspirations include Ashanti, Beyoncé, Kees, Nadia Batson, and Tanya Stephens.

5) What are some of the highlights of Cali’s career thus far?

 Cali has been featured as a guest artist in “Mardi Gras” mas band where she performed on both Carnival Monday and Tuesday. She has also been a feature performer with “Last Band Standing” J’ouvert band. One of the highlights of her young career has been the opportunity to perform on the inaugural Soca On The Seas 2016 event on the Royal Caribbean International, Enchantment of the Seas.

 Cali writes her own music, and to date has done collaborations with Dwayne Nelson, Kareem Thomas, Kevin Charles (Stadic), Andre Simon (Mr. Lyon) and Eric St George (Don Aiko).

6) What are some of Cali’s songs to date?

To date, Cali’s songs include:

 2013: “Move”

 2014: “All Over”

 2015: “Gyal Party”

 2015: “Wining Ability”

 2016: “Happy”

 2017: “Rum Power”

7) What is the difference between Cali and other artistes?

 Having lived in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States, Cali has a unique relationship with and understanding of Soca music in these two main areas: Trinidad, the home of Soca, and the United States, the land of opportunity for Soca.

 She has spent her entire life under musical influence. Her background in a home of song and dance gives her a broad perspective of not just Soca, but Trinidadian performance culture on the whole.

 Cali is a very versatile artiste. While her main recordings have been Soca, Cali loves performing calypso, can play the national instrument, the steelpan, she sings R&B, and other genres of music, making her an all-round vocalist.

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