BOOMBOOMROOM is a modern-day rhythm section from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, in the  Caribbean. The mastermind behind the project is drummer/bandleader Rhys Thompson who is accompanied by his childhood friend, another percussionists/bandleader Modupe Onilu. 

BoomBoomRoom has performed at numerous events in Trinidad and Tobago since 2013 for carnival events, corporate events, weddings, Birthday celebrations and collaborations with other bands and local Soca artistes that led to international tours for carnival celebrations to Barbados, Miami, New York and Washington D.C.

The modern rhythm section power drum duo’s Percussive live entertainment performances has touched audiences in a totally new and different way adding energy and that extra vibe we always crave for at events. Collaborating with DJs on the spot supporting them with Soca and Caribbean music, the BOOMBOOMROOM is an interactive percussive entity that plays along with the DJ music accentuating and coloring the music as if it was a full live band! Size matters when coming to BoomBoomRoom musicians being 2 professional percussionists as this adds an element of portability that traditional rhythm sections do not have. This model found success among party promoters and the band became in high demand as their performance and energy added a unique element to events.

In 2017, BoomBoomRoom supported The Lost Tribe “on de road” for Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival for the 2nd year in a row and looking forward to working with more local and International professional worldwide.

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